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Read Thread: Anyone willing to give me a hand?

by Bon EchoProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Midwest "Iron transfers: Another laser printer transfer method involves laying the paper with the printed image on the rubber and pressing the back side with a hot iron. The toner is designed t...
by Nurse WanderseekProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Midwest
I might try this heat transfer method before sending out the image. I wondered also how much smudging might occur through the mail. Thanks, everyone, for your input!
by BaliWhoProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Midwest
Once you try the heat method, you'll never go back! ;) You definitely have to have a toner based ink. Ink jet won't work. I print out several stamps I want to do all on one page and go to the library to make a copy. I've been told you can save an...