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Read Thread: A new Land Conservation Preserve that welcomes letterboxes

by Lighthouse FiveProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
Yay! This is good to know. We live in Northford, but are unable to make the hike on Saturday, but we will definitely be going soon! We have a series in mind to plant, so maybe this will be the perfect spot.
I'm sure you will enjoy this Preserve. It has interesting features and you are bound to find good hiding places for your boxes. I think it is always an advantage to have boxes close to home so as to keep an eye on them.
by SherlockMilesProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
Looking forward to seeing a trail map!
Looking forward to seeing a trail map! Vicky Harrison drew a very good map when they were sharing the trails with their friends. I believe the NBLCT people are reproducing it. I'll check on that for you.
by shamrock momProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
Nifty! I'm not sure we can make the ribbon cutting ceremony - daughter is in a dance for charity. But LOVE having something to find close by!
not sure we can make the ribbon cutting ceremony Don't worry one bit about not making it to the ribbon cutting ceremony. It will be a zoo. What you want is to get on the trails and find my box!! You can enjoy that even better without the crowd! ;)