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Read Thread: New Doctor

by Oberon_KenobiProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Doctor Who
... I think that the Fourth Doctor did too, but I don't have the video proof like you provided.
by Intrinsically KnottedProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Doctor Who
... I'm sure they wouldn't get rid of the TARDIS's exterior. It's so iconic the BBC successfully won the copyright for the design from the police. They know they would have a fan riot on their hands. I can understand your worry though--I would be pret...
by knit witProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Doctor Who
I try not to pay too much attention to the Sixth Doctor. He makes my head hurt. LOL Knit Wit
by KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Doctor Who
... He attempted to in Logopolis, even measuring the exterior's "37 dimensions" with Adric, however it failed when The Master began to interfere with the stability of N-space. You may also be thinking of the secondary console room that shows up in a h...