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Read Thread: New Cemetery Series in St. Louis

New Cemetery Series in St. Louis
Board: State: Illinois
Jul 6, 2018 1:12pm
As soon as the US Senate passed the Susan B. Anthony Amendment to the Constitution on June 5, 1919, which extended the right of suffrage to women, proponents quickly organized the process of urging states to ratify the amendment. Next year marks the 100 year anniversary of Missouri's ratification of the 19th Amendment on July 2, 1919.

Venture to Missouri to visit one of its acclaimed cemeteries-- Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum -- and pay homage to some of Missouri's noteworthy suffragists and pick up a series of letterboxes celebrating their work.

While visiting STL, explore the newly designed park and museum on the St. Louis Arch grounds:

Plan to spend extra time at the cemetery searching for these letterboxes:
The Guiding Line and Tombstone Iconography as well as the Movers and Shakers collection which requires research in advance of visiting. All boxes planted in collaboration with cemetery staff.

NOTE: due to the big storms that swept through STL last week, there are a lot of trees down and clean up is in process. All roads were accessible at the time of planting.

And when you come, give us a shout out so we can plan a meet-up!
Re: New Cemetery Series in St. Louis
Board: State: Illinois
Reply to: #962140 by aMAZEing adventure frog
Jul 6, 2018 7:05pm
Looking forward to it!