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Read Thread: Homerdoodle Cross-Post

Homerdoodle Cross-Post
Board: State: Illinois
Jun 11, 2018 8:07pm
Thanks to TeachJR, p green frog, teamww, Tyson’s mom, Interpretus Maximus, nanciebabie, spaceGal, Mr. TeachJR, the carvers, and everyone who helped make Homerdoodle 2018 a great time! We were grateful to be indoors at the the Salt Fork Center during the storm. We enjoyed visiting and stamping while waiting for the weather to clear and the trails were worth the wait. The playscape was a fun place to unwind at the end of the day.

Homerdoodle was close enough for us to visit Lake of the Woods and confirm the clue for one of our old plants from 2007. All that was left of the letterbox was the bottom of the box, so we removed it and retired the listing. Still, we enjoyed the walk and a brief detour for a few rounds of Pooh Sticks with teeny tiny branches. The grumpy weather gave us a break that was just long enough for those activities.

Thanks again,

The Christmas Elves