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Re: Eclipse
Board: Ryan's a Total Goober
Reply to: #950381 by Sits N Knits
Aug 22, 2017 6:52am
I KNEW I should have tagged along. I'd've been quiet as a mouse in the back seat. You'd never have known I was there, I swear!

I learned some stuff about viewing, though, that I can hopefully use in 2024.

I wrote an email to the folks who are reopening the summer camp I worked at up in Maine many years ago, and suggested that they should offer, "eclipse weekends," so folks could come and stay for the eclipse. They're perfectly positioned for it. It'd be extra income for them, and the stargazing was great out there when I was there, so I'm thinking the sun/moongazing would be, too!

Maybe they could get teachers from the local colleges to come out and do astronomy workshops on Saturday and Sunday, leading up to the eclipse on Monday. It could be really awesome!