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Read Thread: Alright. It's time to get sappy.

by FloridaFourProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: LTC: Trades and Trackers
I think most people that stick around in doing LTCs feel similarly. I do the same thing, I start to create the card, then change things based on how I think people would like it. It's been a while since I've done any, but maybe this fall, I'll make a...
by Sea MaidProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: LTC: Trades and Trackers
I love seeing everyone's skill levels change as they get better with each contribution! LTC's are a lot of fun!
by storm riderProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: LTC: Trades and Trackers
I had one ltc that was made for a tribute to a letterboxer who had passed. It reminded me how brave she was and I actually put it on my bedside table while I recovered from a difficult surgery. Some ltc's are fun, some are cute and some are awe inspiri...
by Linden LeafProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: LTC: Trades and Trackers
I really enjoy your post. Thank you. <3