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Re: maps
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #921519 by Bear n Honey
Mar 6, 2016 4:33am
If you've got time to kill, may I suggest making a county box map?

It requires a lot more work, but I think the results are much cooler.

1. (And the longest step) make a list of all the boxes you've found and what county and state they were in.

2. Make an account on [] It's free don't worry. (Not sure why hyperlink isn't working)

3. Decide what type of map you want to make. (I.e. a map based on whether you've been there or not, or a box based on numbers)

4. Profit

Posted it before, wish more people tried it.
Disclaimer: creating and maintaining a county map may create unrealistic goals of visiting EVERY county .
Re: maps
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #921537 by Sir Braemoor
Mar 6, 2016 5:53am
Oh I meant it more tongue in cheek. With the fact that we will probably be living in at least two or three more places before "settling down", I fully intend to give a good account of myself on the lower 48.

We can relate to the "taking the less optimal route".
The spider web connecting Iowa to the SW on my map is the result of us taking a different route home. Every. Time.
Re: maps
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #921540 by Boxer Lover47
Mar 6, 2016 9:26am
Boxes that I was first to log in the physical log book.