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Read Thread: A Walk in the Woods

Re: A Walk in the Woods
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Reply to: #909005 by SnakeDoctor
Sep 7, 2015 4:34am
We're looking forward to seeing the movie. I read that a scene was filmed at the The Colonnade Restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Rd but looks like it's somewhere along the AT in the movie.

Anyone want to hazard a guess how many LB'ing miles they've trekked?

From My Page, My Statistics: Find Miles Traveled: 28,108 miles

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How are miles traveled calculated?
We looked at your list of plants and finds and calculated the distance between each box, one after the other, and added them up. Which is great for boxes that have locations specified, but it fails to take into account mystery boxes or finds from unlisted boxes where there is no location available for such calcuations. For those boxes, we assumed a conservative 10 miles per box. Which might seem small compared your overall distance/box average, but we are assuming that when you travel to a location, you find many boxes at once—some are listed, some are unlisted, and some are mysteries. In that "cluster" of boxes, you probably don't travel far. Then you might go to another location hundreds or thousands of miles away on vacation and find another "cluster" of boxes in that location. Recording finds on listed boxes would already pick up that large jump in distance, so replicating it in the unlisted finds or mystery boxes would be redundant. So, for travel miles, we assume that you found each unlisted or mystery box within ten miles of a listed letterbox.
Re: A Walk in the Woods
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Reply to: #909012 by Scooters Mom
Sep 7, 2015 7:22am
Miles traveled finding and planting - what an eye-opener! Of course, MOST of those were with transportation. But still!
Re: A Walk in the Woods
Board: Off Topic, Wildly
Reply to: #908783 by Grumpy Grinch
Sep 10, 2015 9:32am
I want to see this movie! My husband and I read the book and it was so funny! I'm hoping the movie captures that.