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Read Thread: Outings Cards shuffle

Re: Outings Cards shuffle
Board: Rules and Variants
Reply to: #876391 by The Wolf Family
Nov 13, 2014 11:43am
Keep the tips coming for when I find a playing partner--I'll already know how to play.
Re: Outings Cards shuffle
Board: Rules and Variants
Reply to: #876502 by Topcollector
Nov 13, 2014 4:52pm
Hehehe... I like that too. I usually spend the first game learning rules and strategies from other players. Then the second game I start to really play. ;)

I only played once but would like to play again. We ended the game by exhausting 6 stacks of the Outing cards rather than the eevil cards. We really didn't play many eevil cards. The Trinket Trader ALWAYS starts on the top of the eevil deck and is cost of 8 ink. I think I was using mostly MILES so I did not have as much INK. There are 10 eevil cards and 8 of them require INK to purchase. So if you are going for the eevil cards it might make more sense to stock up more on INK.

I'm not sure why Trinket Trader always needs to be on top. For another rules variant, I may just shuffle the eevil deck and have a RANDOM eevil card on top. That way I'm more likely to get a chance to play different eevil cards. Or so it's possible that MILES start off the eevil deck.