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Read Thread: CrossPost - First Coast Letterboxing - Gather on the Beach

CrossPost - First Coast Letterboxing - Gather on the Beach
Board: State: Florida
Mar 13, 2007 7:40pm
The inaugural event for Florida's First Coast is scheduled and open for registrations. You don't have to be a member of First Coast Letterboxing, live here, or even know anyone here to join us for some fun in the sun (or shade if that's your preference).

Potluck lunch, event stamps, workshops, kid only boxes, permanent boxes, event only boxes, special prizes for usual and unusual categories, raffle for cool stuff.... and whatever else we/you can come up with - all on top of some fellowship with other inky fingered pals.

OH and did I mention the beach? Yeah, the park has beach access, camping, fishing, canoe/kayak/sailboat/paddle boat rentals, hiking and biking trails, playgrounds and a lot fun just waiting for you.

Come one, come all to experience spring break - First Coast Letterboxing style!