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Read Thread: I accept free pathtags

Re: I accept free pathtags
Board: Pathtags
Reply to: #871677 by mudflinginfools
Oct 8, 2014 1:22pm

(And rereading my earlier post, I only trade the tags I've created, not ones I've been given or received in trade.) I definitely think of it as building a collection.

And the more I think about it, it seems a little poor to request people send you their tags for free if your sole intention is to trade for tags you like better. If you need tags to trade with, then perhaps it's time you created one of your own.
Re: I accept free pathtags
Board: Pathtags
Reply to: #871673 by BfloAnonChick
Oct 8, 2014 4:49pm
I can understand not wanting to trade for ones you got at an event or from a friend. Every tag I have found was exactly that...found. I have no idea who dropped them... I just found them.

In the spirit of not wanting to trade them I can agree that I have never traded a tag that I put on my wishlist and got.

I am probably wrong but every time I logged a tag , it put it on my available trade list. I had to change the number to zero so no one would ask for it in trade.

I didn't realize so many boxers collected pathtags. Thought it was a geocache thing mostly. Back when I used to cache everyday years ago... finding money or collectible coins happened almost weekly with first finders prizes.