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Re: I accept free pathtags
Board: Pathtags
Reply to: #871673 by BfloAnonChick
Oct 8, 2014 4:49pm
I can understand not wanting to trade for ones you got at an event or from a friend. Every tag I have found was exactly that...found. I have no idea who dropped them... I just found them.

In the spirit of not wanting to trade them I can agree that I have never traded a tag that I put on my wishlist and got.

I am probably wrong but every time I logged a tag , it put it on my available trade list. I had to change the number to zero so no one would ask for it in trade.

I didn't realize so many boxers collected pathtags. Thought it was a geocache thing mostly. Back when I used to cache everyday years ago... finding money or collectible coins happened almost weekly with first finders prizes.