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Read Thread: FF Pathtags -- Preliminary Design and Last Chance Preorders

You can see the preliminary design here. I'm still working on it, and it will likely change (colors most likely), but that's the general idea of the kind of tag that I'm shooting for.
Last chance for preorders, since the tags will most likely be ordered on Sept 1st (hopefully there will be a good September promo) and there needs to be time for the checks to clear before the order is placed. Preorder pricing (including postage): 6 -...
it will likely change (colors most likely) I'm still holding out for hot-pink glitter...
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Board: Pathtags
Last call to be included in the order at special pre-order pricing! The order will be placed very soon, so only new PayPal payments will be accepted at this point. Updated preorder pricing (including postage): 2 - $5.50 7 - $13.50 14 - $22.00 28...
I got my FF pathtags in the mail, they are really awesome, I'm carving a stamp, making a box to plant right now and a FF pathtag will go into it. :)
Just got home from a road trip and found the path tags in my mail pile. Haven't started carving yet but will start soon. Nice job Aiphid these are really nice.