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Read Thread: Bragging on some LetterboxERs...

Bragging on some LetterboxERs...
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Mar 6, 2007 5:34pm
These are in no particular order...just wanted to recognize some really terrific people...

First off...I received in the mail today...a special something from Nitrocat and Kittens. Those of you who are participating in the THPoE will know what I am talking about. She has taken the Toad Hollow Postal of Encouragement a step further...several steps further to be more precise! An idea that started out as sending encouragment has been heaped back upon us 10 fold! The fact that there are about 50 people here at AQ willing, wanting, and waiting to send some letterboxin' love all over the country just makes my heart smile really BIG! *GRIN* Ya'll are amazing!

Secondly...Webfoot. OH MY GOODNESS! Can I just say WOW people! She's fast...she's super fast. I don't think Superman could FLY her packages faster than she does. She has incredible customer service, fantastic products, and amazing carvings! I highly recommend Stampeaz and it's incredible owner!

Thirdly...Six Stars. She's an awesome friend and so fun to letterbox with. She's also my co-host for the upcoming event on March 17th in NH. She's keeping me on my toes and has some very clever ideas for the event. I wouldn't be able to do this without her!

I also want to mention 3 more lovely ladies...
...Warrior Woman for stepping up so quickly to help and donating raffle items for the event. Her suggestions and checklists are awesome and she's had a very calming effect on my pre-event jitters (stress!).

...Lock Wench who has so graciously offered to help set-up the night before and has also been a wealth of information regarding hosting events.

...Mudflinginfools for offering to put her most excellent catering skills to use by hosting the food/drink tables at the upcoming event. Oh...and for bringing "soup"! *GRIN*

I can't wait to meet the 3 of you at the event!

I'd also like to thank my mom, Lighting the Way, who without her, I wouldn't have had so much carving medium or letterboxing supplies, oh...and I wouldn't be here! *GRIN* Love you, Mom!

Thank you all for being so incredibly awesome!
D5 Mama

***This concludes "Bragging on LetterboxERs"...brought to you by...a very happy, chipper, super smilin'...soon to be carving...fellow letterboxER!***
Bragging on one more LetterboxER...
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Reply to: #76454 by Smimle
Mar 6, 2007 9:37pm
I obviously need more sleep...or coffee...or chocolate...heck...more of all 3 would be good!

After working on an event project, with Six Stars, all day today...using event related artwork...somewhere along the blonde roots popped out...and I completely forgot to give credit to the awesome artist. Team New Hampshire was one of the first to boldy offer assistance in planning the event. He even offered to carve the event stamp and I quickly and gratefully accepted. I knew he was a really great carver. What I didn't know was that he also creates most of his images by hand. He has since given me a sneak peek at the event stamp and I can't wait for you all to see it! It's awesome! Thank you Team NH!

There have also been several other offers of help for the event and I promise to put you all to work as soon as I have something for you to do! *GRIN*

Thank you!
D5 Mama
Re: Bragging on one more LetterboxER...
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Reply to: #76497 by Smimle
Mar 6, 2007 10:11pm
See? There you go! "Many hands make light the work." I'm getting excited about meeting lots of new people and boxing out of state again......

"Nice Counts"
Re: Bragging on one more LetterboxER...
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Reply to: #76498 by Lock Wench
Mar 7, 2007 12:52am
but is NH ready for the arrival of LW,WW and koko in the same spot..LOL