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Read Thread: Great site I'd like to share

Great site I'd like to share
Board: Garden Gnomes
Mar 6, 2007 7:17am
I've used this site to order my perenials for a couple of years now. It is awesome. The plants are green and healthy -sometimes even budding, strong, rooted well and very inexpensive. They are a bit smaller than if you'd buy them at some store... but for the price... the customer service and guarantee are easy, friendly and REAL.

This site is another one i like to use. I try to save $$ when ever I can by ordering plants. It's kinda the same as postals and getting excited watching the mail for goodies. I get nervous trying a company I don't know anything about though. You never know. I can vouch that come companies think a plant is a tiny browm crispy thing that somehow will miraculously come back to life once stuck in dirt... anyway, this site is very informative but I really love the Plant Scout to find particular plants as well as the Garden Watchdog -here you can plug in the cataloge/internet company and see how they rate and reviews from other gardeners. It helps me so I thought I'd share with ya'll!

Re: Great site I'd like to share
Board: Garden Gnomes
Reply to: #76294 by Queen Beeloved
Mar 6, 2007 8:29am
Have used Bluestone Perennials for years. They do come a bit small and are usually cut back a bit to fit in the shipping box, but they are great survivors and catch up to the big guys.

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