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Re: Funny story-update
Board: Home Improvement
Reply to: #76116 by pilgrimsinthisland
Mar 5, 2007 12:22pm
I just got a text from my man asking me "is fire bad?" I freaked and called and he's just laughing. I'm almost crying. He apologizes and says, we just ran steaming hot water from the shower and the bath for 5 full minutes.

Tonight, I might take one of each! Because I can.... I've been walking around singing, "I'm gonna take a shower tonight for the first time since moving in 3 months ago!!" Luckily a lot of the people here understand why I'm singing that and that I HAVE bathed in that 3 month span. Someone asked me when my last actual shower was and I had to state that it was the morning after my appendix surgery, they made me take a shower before I could go home. And it made me mad at the time!!!

I'm already mentally rounding up all the candles in my house. Oh, I am so so so excited. I don't know if I can contain myself, I might have to go home early sick or something.... *coughcough*