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Read Thread: Postage question

by Water LilyProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Now that is a very GREEN way of handling junk mail. I luv it!
by KirbertProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
It'd be even better if those junk mailers would be so kind as to print their unwanted blurbs on unbleached, recycled paper.
by WebfootProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
I don't put a brick on them. I just write a very polite, "No, thank you!" in magic marker on the applications, stuff them back into the envelope and send them back. I hope that works for the post office! I've been thinking it might just help save a...
by Basketcase1ProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
My husband switches them around and sends them each other's offers.
by 55 StepsProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
I just put a "no circulars" sticker on my mailbox (called a "letterbox" here, but if I said that on these boards, I thought it might confuse people). The post office here doesn't deliver junk mail to you if you have a "no circulars" sticker.
by JiffyProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
That is what we, in the counseling profession, call Criminal Thinking. It may not hurt a lot of people, but it isn't right just the same. I am one to have it every now and then.
by SuniaProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
That's brilliant, 55 steps!
by windsurfgatorProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Letterbox Chatter
I shred it and put it in the compost bin. I take a black magic marker to all address info and reuse the envelope. It looks messy, but works. REUSE, i say ;)