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Read Thread: MN Adventure

MN Adventure
Board: State: Minnesota
Oct 20, 2013 6:41pm
Since we will be up in MN this weekend to visit DD, we thought we'd work in some LBing. :) While we have been up to your fair state a few times visiting DD at college, we are still getting the lay of the land and are looking for suggestions on where to start LBing. DD is at Bethel, so we are based in the Arden Hills/Fridley area.

And if anyone is a runner, we'd love to know about where to find out about local races in the spring.

If anyone in the MCC might be available for a "meet", I have some stamps that y'all may use for the GLG if y'all are interested.
Re: MN Adventure
Board: State: Minnesota
Reply to: #811486 by Sunny Side Up
Oct 20, 2013 10:11pm
Welcome to Minnesota Sunny Side Up! There are lots of great boxes in the Arden Hills/Fridley, and (widely!) surrounding areas of the Twin Cities. Great carves and amazing clues too!

In terms of races, there is the annual Susan G. Komen Race which happens on Mothers Day.
Mud Run is on the more extreme end of racing, but it would depend on your racing preferences.
Twin Cities Marathon is also annual, though I don't know the date of it offhand. I feel like it might be in the late spring.

Hope these suggestions help! Glad to have another visit to our fair state! :)

ASL Girl