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Read Thread: Mysterious reactivation

by Green TortugaProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
If it's extended to mean that it's only available for a little while and then it'll be gone until next year, where does it stop? Are boxes that are only available Monday through Friday "limited time"? How about those that are only available during dayt...
by turkey feathersProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
You're over-thinking things, Kirbert. =) when did Kirbert start overthinking things ? : )
by 3DaydreamersProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Oh, I see that now... I hadn't looked at the clue before, just the "limited time" icon. I always thought that was used when a box was only available for a limited time and then retired. Thanks! : )
by KelsungProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Once again, people are making use of words and phrases in ways that do not fit Kirbert's personal definition. This has just got to be stopped. How dare anyone expect us to read the clues and think for ourselves rather than skim some icons and immedia...
by Okie DogProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
If a double amputee held a carving tool in his teeth to make a stamp, is he still allowed to use the "hand-carved" icon? Damn straight they do!!!! More power to 'em, too....
by GeedyupProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
I would be so tempted to use the word of mouth icon if I were a double amputee. To mean mouth carved.