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Read Thread: Distiguishing Pink stuff

Re: Distiguishing Pink stuff
Board: Stamp Carving and Mounting
Reply to: #806363 by Aiphid
Sep 20, 2013 4:55pm
{People who do block printing}

In our rounds into the art world we've run across block printing art. Of course art is in the eye of the beholder but I was surprised at the lack of . . . expertise in carving. It's a different style that is neat in itself, but some of it really is just poor. Some rubber carvers could definitely enter their work at the art galleries. Probably a lot of people on this board could. Yep!
Re: Distiguishing Pink stuff
Board: Stamp Carving and Mounting
Reply to: #806360 by Kelsung
Sep 22, 2013 6:44am
Which begs a question: who buys Speedy Cut and what do they use it for?

I inherited several pieces of this from a Girl Scout trainer who taught LB classes for some time. I taught my first GS LB class yesterday and the trainees all made sig stamps with the speedy cut. The class is designed to teach leaders how to teach girls. Therefore they used altered pencils as gouges along with large paperclips for finer areas. The Speedy Cut worked well under these conditions. I did also bring a couple of traditional gouges so they could assess the safety factor involved in using them with very young children. The adults all made very creative designs though obviously not elaborate but I felt it was a good material for this introductory level and would be appropriate for children too. I had thought it was no longer available in stores so am glad to hear that I was wrong.

I did also strongly suggest that if a GS troop is going to plant a box that they consider making it a limited time box b/c an unmaintained box is just trash in the woods and GS don't do that. The idea was actually very appealling to them vs making it a permanent plant that they have to maintain.