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Read Thread: Boxes in North GA mountains?

Re: Boxes in North GA mountains?
Board: Region: Southeast
Reply to: #2819 by KitCat
Mar 12, 2005 6:24pm
Thank you, everyone, for the helpful comments!! It's sounding like there's a good chance I can place boxes in some of our favorite spots without undue fear of breaking the rules. Good! Now I just need to scout more spots and write some clues. Carving will be the fun part! (As if it's not all cool!) Don't hold your breath, because I barely have time to hunt boxes these days, but I am looking forward to providing some more reasons to visit the mountains. :)

I know the distance from here and the hikes involved will mean I can't check them as often as I would otherwise, but I think I will still be able to get up there fairly often. I love boxes that involve a lovely, but break-a-sweat sort of hike. We tend to box in single and double finds, rather than trying to pack a ton into one trip. Guess that's why we're still only at F13! :)

I plan on providing a heads-up about bears and hunters in my clues, but thank you for the reminder! I have to remember that lots of boxers may not have a lot of experience with the area.

Ooh, I'm getting all excited about placing, now. Wonder if I should start with a local box, just to get my feet wet?