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Read Thread: Boxes in North GA mountains?

by Eli and AubreyProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Southeast
There are not nearly as many letterboxes in the N Ga mountians as there are down here, but there are a decent amount scattered from East to West. Here are all that I know of: An Excellent Adventure (2) Hemlock Falls Moccasin Creek Panther Creek (2)...
by Cherokee RoseProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Southeast
Q. why are there not more boxes planted in North GA, particularly in the mountains? A. I too have thought of this. I actually lived in the mountains for a few years and know of several wonderful places. But, I also know the extensive hiks to get to...
by Maphead MikeProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Southeast
I know there is at least one geocache somewhere on a trail where I'd like to plant, since we met some cachers hiking there when we went to scout a location. But I realize it's presence doesn't necessarily mean boxing is "allowed". Geocaching polices...
by KitCatProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Southeast
Thank you, everyone, for the helpful comments!! It's sounding like there's a good chance I can place boxes in some of our favorite spots without undue fear of breaking the rules. Good! Now I just need to scout more spots and write some clues. Carving w...