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Read Thread: Up my ziggy...????

Up my ziggy...????
Board: Movie Moments
Jan 17, 2007 3:08pm
Okay, I just watched a movie with Kirsten Dunst called "All I Wanna Do" (also titled "The Hairy Bird") and heard the funniest line! This girl turns to Kirsten's character and, in an insulted huff, snaps "Up your ziggy with a wah-wah brush!" Kirsten laughs and asks the same question I did "Where did you hear that?" Apparently, the girl had just made it up as an insult! Still, I thought it was a riot.

So, there we go! Up EVERYONE'S ziggy with a wah-wah brush today with my blessings (don't take it personal...I'm not even sure if you all HAVE ziggies)! :-D

The (all ziggied out and brushed off) Sprite & the (ziggyless, but brush laden) Highlander
Re: Up my ziggy...????
Board: Movie Moments
Reply to: #64225 by Sprite and Highlander
Jan 17, 2007 4:44pm
I love this movie!! I used to get in all kinds of trouble like those girls.
My close friend used to use that line ALL the time!! She was always the "crazy" one. LOL!