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Read Thread: Struck out in Gatlinburg this weekend

Struck out in Gatlinburg this weekend
Board: Region: Southeast
Mar 7, 2005 10:19am
Hey, everyone!
It's great to hear that so many people had a wonderful time boxing this past weekend! We had a nice little getaway in Gatlinburg, which was a much needed break. Lovely weather!

Unfortunately we had no success boxing around there, though. Of 5 boxes I found listed for Gatlinburg/Sevier County, all but 2 are listed as missing. We attempted both of them, to no avail.

The first ("Gatlinburg") was a drive-by. We looked around for it, but had to stop because some guy parked and was just hanging out in his car smoking, talking on his cell phone and listening to music. There was no avoiding his gaze and he wouldn't leave. We finally had to give up. That one may still be there, but we couldn't find it. I must admit we are starting to actively dislike drive-by boxes. Don't these people have anything better to do?? ;)

The second clue ("Smoky Fir") simply made no sense. We found where the trail should be, but it's called something different, and several aspects of the clue just didn't fit. I'm guessing that the terrain has changed a good deal since the clue was posted? I'm going to e-mail the poster.

So, no luck on the letterboxing front. Oh, well. It looks like most of the Sevier county boxes used to be in the Smokies. Perhaps the Smokies rangers are very strict about letterboxing in the park? I wouldn't be surprised- it's a shame from a letterboxing point of view, but that poor park is already so overused (often abused), I can understand the park rangers' point of view. What wonderful hikes, though! We hiked the Alum Cave Bluffs trail up to the tunnel yesterday and it was GORGEOUS. Lots of snow and ice in places, too. Just lovely.

Re: Struck out in Gatlinburg this weekend
Board: Region: Southeast
Reply to: #2706 by KitCat
Mar 7, 2005 4:56pm
Sorry you had bad luck this weekend. Since the Smokies are a Natl. Park, you may be right that the boxes have been confiscated by the Rangers. Technically boxes aren't even supposed to be placed there.

I haven't made it over to Gatlinburg yet even though I live "just over the mountains" in Asheville but I'll bear in mind what you said about the boxes there.

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