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Read Thread: Life's Not Fair!

Re: Life's Not Fair! especially in Denver ;-)
Board: Yakking It Up
Reply to: #59453 by The Four Bears
Dec 29, 2006 1:31pm
At this point, with the blizzard last week and now what's expected to be ANOTHER 1- 2 feet, (We're in a lull at the moment about halfway through the full totals. The storm will be around through Sunday, so it seems.)

I just have to say: I can take a "joke" as well most folks, but this is just too danged much - Frosty, You are a Sicko!

There have been shortages of wiper fluid, shovels, kitty litter, gas, fresh stuff at the grocery store (I think we'll be bartering milk, eggs and bread soon - along with setting up bowling alleys in grocery store aisles since they're erm..kinda empty at the moment...just to get out of the house and have something to do). I didn't get regular mail for 7 full days (luckily the minions at the US Mail worked overtime big time and delivered a package to my door sometime after 6pm on Xmas Eve!)

Did I mention shoveling? Hours and hours of this, let's just say. The folks on my street are starting to take bets on when we might see a snowplow on our block.... I made it out and about between storms earlier this week and one of my stops was the downtown library to stock up on books and movies. It was during regular business hours so technically the parking meters would have been checked (I seriously doubt whether they actually were). I climbed a 4 feet mound of snow to attempt to put a coin in the meter head barely sticking out of the top of the snow from the street street - facing backwards). It was at the same time the silliest danged thing I've done all week, and the one of which I'm most proud - it's not like we have much else to do besides "climb" parking meters...It took me 3 tries and I got 2 honks and thumbs up.

At least I have a collapible shovel for my car now. Major score - I almost wanted to kiss the clerk. I'm thinking I'll need it for awhile after the worst is dig out letterboxes for the next few months. Or maybe make a really awesome sandcastles next time I'm less than 1800 miles from a sunny warm beach.

<goes back to bazillionth book, thinking of alternative uses for coal, carrots and corncob pipes while listening to spinning tires out on the street which is currently blocked due to a stranded UPS truck>

Yep life ain't fair, but it sure is more fun with a sense of humor!
Re: Life's Not Fair! especially in Denver ;-)
Board: Yakking It Up
Reply to: #59506 by preboxed
Dec 29, 2006 4:55pm
i', ve been there in these storms, done that and did all the above. yes it really does stink. i do like the bowling alley idea. I'm really proud that you actually put money in the meter -cudos to you. i probably would not have even thought about it.
This early oct storm we had ( in western n.y.) i worked in a convenient with out power. we were open as long as we could see inside the store safely and had to sell by calulator!!! Talk about old fashion. we also had to have a price runner - who pays attention to price when you have a computor to do it for you. We laughed a lot to keep all the customers from killing us. after a while they new to remember the prices themselves.
keep laughing at the smallest weirdest things - time does go faster.