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Read Thread: 40 for 40 update

by BrandyProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
OK... so I'm planning to go for these on Monday, 12/3. I know that's weird but I'm taking the day off work anyway because we'll be out late the night before and it's also my actual birthday. Plus the weather (right now) looks good. If anyone wants to c...
by cooledcoyoteProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
I’ll be off the Friday after that so that’s when I’ll plan on going
by SherlockMilesProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
I'll be thinking about you while I'm sitting at my desk at work! We'll probably head out for these the following weekend as long as the clues are published by then.
by Teapot and EagleProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: Connecticut
Monday will mot work for me or Friday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY