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Read Thread: Safari Man was there in spirit with me today

by Chill EProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
I visited Family in VA for Thanksgiving and we went to Williamsburg (I had never been) to see the historical colonial recreation of the original Capitol of Virginia and I noticed a short walk from this area was a cemetery that had 3 Safari Man stamps i...
by Angel WinksProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
That is a fabulous story to share, Chill E!
by DawnkeyProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
I'd click the Awesome! button if there was one. I looked for that series last year, and I believe I was the first person not to find box #2 (I ended up bringing a tick back to our hotel room for my efforts). I never had the pleasure of meeting Glenn, b...
by Public HandProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
E- Went thru a LOT of drama last week....pretty sure Glenn was up there laughing!! So glad YOU found that stamp/series!! Hugs!!
by gemini girlProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Heart warming! Glad you could rescue the stamp in his honor! And on a Thanksgiving trip none-the-less! :)
by twofreetimersProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
make sure you buy a lottery ticket today! you are very lucky!
by DarkZen and Evil Cow PieProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Great story, thanks for sharing.
by Colorful CaterpillarsProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Yes, thank you for sharing. I only met him once, but he was a true pleasure to meet.
by BaliWhoProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
That's so awesome! I'm glad you were able to find it! I met Safari Man a couple times, such a great guy! Definitely missed!