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Read Thread: A Great Author

by DoubleSaj and Old BlueProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Reading Room
My mother was an avid reader. Soon after I graduated from college, she suggested I read the book, War and Remembrance. It was historical fiction that began at Pearl Harbor the day after the attack. It opens with protagonist, Admiral Pug Henry, assessin...
by Quite ContraryProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Reading Room
I agree, Herman Wouk is a great author. I haven't read War and Remembrance but I did read Winds of War back in '87. I don't remember the plot but I must have liked the book and the author because I've read 10 of his books, 4 in one year. He also wro...
by Amanda from SeattleProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Reading Room
I have wanted to read Marjorie Morningstar by him for years. It is always on my TBR list, but I just have not gotten to it yet. Maybe this will be the year. -amanda from seattle