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Read Thread: Soup’s On Trail Conditions Update

by nosoxProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Northeast
Well our theme this year is “winter” and for the first time we’ve got snow. There is 4” of dense snow on the trails but we are moving ahead with plans and will be ready if you are. A lengthier message with more logistics info was sent out to those...
by SherlockMilesProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Northeast
I will have the 5 letterboxing patches for sale with me at Soup's On. $3 each. Unfortunately the New Jersey patch has not arrived yet.
by RIclimberProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Northeast
... Sorry, it's my fault. I stole the nice weather for my event last month!
by Bungalow BoxerProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Region: Northeast
I thought everyone was making me feel at home. I figured everyone thought I would miss the white stuff so they ordered it up for me. (FYI: I officially do not miss the cold weather! I’m ready to head back to the sunshine state!) BB