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Read Thread: Letterboxing with a side of klezmer šŸŽµ

Bay Area folks - On Sunday, December 2 in Woodside, my new klezmer trio Baymele (meaning "little tree" in Yiddish) is having a joint show with some master Moldovan musicians visiting from Canada... and of course there will be a letterbox there! The le...
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Board: State: California
Wish I could come! I'll attend in spirit...!
by fleetwood7ProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: State: California
it was great seeing you at L&B
Hi all! Just a reminder that this concert (+box) is this Sunday at 3pm! Here's a little sneak peak of the music... And as an extra bonus, I heard that the venue has a large ninja training cours...
Thanks to all who came out a couple weeks ago! And for those who missed it... Baymele will be playing again in Berkeley this Friday night and this box will be available for a second (and possibly final) time - 9pm at the Starry Plough this Friday, Dec...