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Read Board: ct letterboxing

Board: ct letterboxing
Sep 30, 2011 11:23am
Hey... MacGyer and I have been to several events this year... his stamp has gone missing. I was hoping someone might have it by mistake. Mac died suddenly and unexpectedly this morning. i would love to bury his stamp with him... if you find it...I would appreciate hearing from you!!!
The Triple Fork
Board: ct letterboxing
Feb 11, 2012 7:58am
Box is alive and well. Box #2 is missing. Had clue from before it was put in basement.
Announcing May 7 Middletown event
Board: ct letterboxing
Mar 27, 2016 7:43pm
We'll be offering a letterboxing intro event as part of Middletown's Riverfront Encounter festival at Harbor Park. We're seeking...

(1) Experienced letterboxers to stop by and inspire newbies with well-traveled journals
(2) Volunteers to help visitors (including kids) learn to carve a rubber signature stamp
(3) All letterboxers who would like to seek out a few event-specific stamps and/or meet and greet

So far, I (Spandrelf) plan to stock and staff the signature-stamp carving table, hopefully together with an appearance by Magical Music Man (hooray!), who will carve the event-specific stamps. A parallel table for quick-n-safe styrofoam stamps will be set up by Everyone Outside. But last year's crowd of first-time carvers was hard to keep up with, so any experienced help, however brief, would be so welcome!
Peace Sanctuary Nature Preserve Boxes
Board: ct letterboxing
Oct 25, 2018 5:45pm
While letterboxing at the Peace Sanctuary (Mystic, CT) today, we were stopped by a woman who questioned what we were doing. She said she was a member of the private group that owned the preserve, that she had seen letterboxes/"trash" in the preserve, but had never seen anyone there before. We showed her a clue that said "permission has been granted for letter boxers", and she said she doesn't recall any permission being given. Perhaps those who have planted here should consider (re)seeking permission, retrieving their boxes, or just wait and see what happens?