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Welcome to Anchorage
Board: Anchorage Crew
Aug 24, 2009 9:03am
Welcome to the Anchorage board. For the first post I would like to invite you to a meet in greet to meet Seattlebound. Here is the link.
Re: Welcome to Anchorage
Board: Anchorage Crew
Reply to: #433045 by Alaska hsm
Aug 24, 2009 11:52am
Shall I assume that this is the usual McDonalds Playland by the Totem Theater/Northern Lights? There are a couple McDonalds on Muldoon.
Re: Welcome to Anchorage
Board: Anchorage Crew
Reply to: #433138 by Nana C and the Seedlings
Aug 24, 2009 12:23pm
Doh! Didn't even think of tht. Yes the one by Totem.
Meet and Greet
Board: Anchorage Crew
Aug 24, 2009 4:52pm
When this event is to be held? OK McD's playland.. Got that but when..???? The End
Re: Meet and Greet
Board: Anchorage Crew
Reply to: #433226 by The End
Aug 24, 2009 5:14pm
Sept 5th. Follow the link it will take you there.
Board: Anchorage Crew
Feb 18, 2010 7:14pm
hey can u do me a favor. please go here:
and vote for me to win my engagement ring thanks :):)

if theres anyway that you know others that can vote please pass this link on to them as well.
Come meet other boxers from everywhere
Board: Anchorage Crew
Jun 15, 2011 4:06pm
There are a bunch of great boxers coming to Alaska for a cruise and they want to meet some of us AK people. there are 2 events.
[quick one]
and another the same night
[dinner venue]
come on out and greet them.

over to ANC
What's everyone doing? Its summer!!!!
Board: Anchorage Crew
Jul 2, 2012 9:26am
Apparently we have a new boxer in the house. And we have guests arriving July12th. Lts hear some ideas and chatter. i'm hoping to come to the mainland July 11th for the weekend. i'm making plans today.
Anyone else we need on this board? Anyone want OFF this board?

infrequently on this board