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Family Guy series
Board: Stamp Swap
Oct 11, 2019 12:10pm
I have 9 Family Guy series stamps available for planting anywhere in the US -

Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, and Brian carved by me

Chris, Stewie, and Quagmire carved by cooled coyote (I was going to use these more detailed stamps for bonus boxes, but do with what you will)

These stamps were carved for and previously used for my Letterboxers Egg Hunt 2019 - Animation Event

Please help find the Griffin family a good home!

Warrior Woman
who hasn't been able to get out on the trail for a while
Just Ten More Stamps Needed -- Anybody? Please? 😁😁
Board: Stamp Swap
Nov 2, 2019 5:35am
We need just ten more stamps for this Christmas event. Woohoo! Is anybody else willing to carve a stamp? Here is the tracker and information.. Thank you for looking!
Re: Just Ten More Stamps Needed -- Anybody? Please? 😁😁
Board: Stamp Swap
Reply to: #980791 by RDHG
Nov 2, 2019 4:38pm
I’ll help!
2019 Year in Review Stamps Request
Board: Stamp Swap
Nov 26, 2019 3:59am
Hi all - As the year is beginning to wind down, I thought I'd put out a final request for stamps for the 2019 Year in Review event being held over New Year’s weekend up here in snowy Maine.

If you are willing to carve a stamp, I'd very much appreciate any help I can get. Due date to receive the stamps is 12/27/19. After the event concludes, the whole collection of stamps will be made into a Time Capsule event box, which can travel to events across the US. Currently the Time Capsule 2017 & Time Capsule 2018 event boxes are available to travel (with 40+ stamps each, they are a little heavy but I don't mind paying the postage for each to be sent as long as the requester doesn't mind paying for it to be returned to me.)

Here are the trackers for the event, with ideas for stamps:
2019 News and Current Events
2019 Pop Culture, Trends and Entertainment
Sports in 2019
In Memoriam 2019
My 2019

Again, thanks for any help that can be had. It's very much appreciated, and the drop-in participants love to see other folks work.