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New Board: Carving Material
Board: Carving Material
Jan 8, 2009 9:06am
Let's get organized - this board will be for Carving Material
Lino cutters/blades
Board: Carving Material
Jan 31, 2017 9:01am
Hi All,

Looking for some lino cutters and/or blades. Doing an adult workshop for our park on letterboxing (history, making our own stamps, logbook and going out to find some) and my budget is very tiny to make this work. We have a few sets but could definitely use some more (since we're getting interest in it!).

Would happily accept just the handle or just blades, I don't mind hodge-poging things together. They don't have to look nice and blades don't even need to be terribly sharp. This workshop is set for March 11 2017 so I would need any supplies folks could get to me by at least March 9.

I would still accept donations after that as I'm sure adding to the collection couldn't hurt but if anyone really has extras and doesn't want them I'd happily take them off your hands and put them to very good use. Let me know and I'll message with address. Thanks!