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Read Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!

Re: It's True!
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #974593 by uneksia
Apr 26, 2019 1:06am
...i have a few series out there that have a logbook in every box.

There are actually two different situations here. There are series in which all the clues are spelled out on the clue page so you can find all of them or you can pick and choose. For these, it might make more sense to put a log book in every box.

Alternatively, there are series where the clue to Box #2 is in Box #1. If you don't find Box #1, you won't be finding Box #2. For these, it makes sense to put just one or two log books in the entire series, perhaps one in the first box and one in the last.