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Re: Listing Multiple LTCs
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #984893 by RIclimber
Mar 26, 2020 10:46am
I would agree about a temporary bug. It was repaired within a minute of two of posting the message. Let's hope it's not contagious!
Re: Listing Multiple LTCs
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #984887 by Maude
Mar 26, 2020 6:46pm
OK, who sneaked in behind my back and changed that so quickly?

I didn't change anything. I think there was a mistake in your experiments. =)

Each box in a series (regardless of whether it's an LTC, traditional or anything else) can have one find recorded on it per person. It's always been that way.

Some people mess things up when they add a new box to a series, changing the name of an existing box to be the name of the new box then adding the name of the old box to the new box listing. They're typically trying to get the boxes to show up in the right "order," but the finds stay with the actual box listing rather than the name of the box so when someone does that, it ends up showing finds on the wrong box. There's a specific mechanism in place so people can order the boxes differently without mixing up the finds, but I guess they don't realize it or can't figure out how to work it.

Maybe something like that happened in your experiments?

In any case, each LTC in your series can each have a separate find date by the same person.

-- Ryan