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March Madness Pool Tracker is now Open
Board: Sports Emporium
Jan 7, 2018 6:44pm
Conference play is well underway so it is time to sign up for the March Madness 2018 Tracker. It is listed as a postal but is a competition.

See the details at

Go Mountaineers!
College Football
Board: Sports Emporium
May 28, 2018 4:48am
Only 89 days to college football! Season tickets are purchased, parking pass ready, the best Big 12 quarterback. Nothing like spending a saturday with 60,000 friends in gold and blue.
Re: College Football
Board: Sports Emporium
Reply to: #960541 by IrishRef
May 28, 2018 4:09pm
I have been enjoying College Women's Softball, with another couple weekends left. Go Ducks!!!

I then will fully focus on football and really hope Coach Cristobal gets the Ducks going in a better direction AND sticks around for more than 50 weeks!
Re: College Football
Board: Sports Emporium
Reply to: #960541 by IrishRef
Jun 16, 2018 6:37pm
Can’t wait! O-H-I-0
Jevon Carter Summer League
Board: Sports Emporium
Jul 5, 2018 9:58am
So Trae Young (Oklahoma U’s top five can’t miss draft pick) played in his first summer league game. Played Memphis. Jevon Carter (WVU) picked him up 94 feet from the tap. Totally frustrated and shut him down. His first half he was 0-9 from the field with three air balls and a couple of turnovers. Looked like a BIG XII beat down for him again.
The next night Utah’s first round guard pick (Grayson Allen of Duke) had to rest after one whole game. To rest or avoid being embarrassed by Jevon!
Jevon can make some shots and is a good penetrating distributor. So far the team is sending him to the corner in case they need his three or he comes and bails out the team when the shot clock is close.
My Sympathies to Saints Fans
Board: Sports Emporium
Jan 21, 2019 5:17pm
I have no idea what the ref in the Saints - Rams game was watching on THEE non-call play, but I have a theory. I saw a blatant helmet to helmet hit by the defender serious enough for an ejection AND pass interference. The Saints almost assuredly win the game if the penalty is correctly called.

My theory is that the league encourages the officials to "let them play" and allow more contact in the post-season than during the regular season. The problem is that the officials are without guidance as to how much additional contact to allow. The play in question happened fast; did the ref delay, thinking maybe that this was still within "let them play", and then settled on a no-call?

I saw a lot of suspicious non-calls yesterday and last weekend too, and I've always thought "let them play" is a stupid concept. Why have any rules, if they don't count equally in all games.

The Saints should be in the Super Bowl, end of discussion.

Old Blue
Re: My Sympathies to Saints Fans
Board: Sports Emporium
Reply to: #970528 by DoubleSaj and Old Blue
Jan 21, 2019 8:20pm
Not going to disagree about that one play. I don't typically watch NFL but was surprised at the lack of penalties called in the Rams-Saints game. There were a grand total of ZERO interference calls made in that game. There was one thrown (offensive interference) but waived off. As badly as that one was call which decided the winner, it was consistent with the calls throughout the game. Although a Ram fan, I do feel the Saints were clearly robbed at that point. It also doesn't help for the NFL league office to say oh yeah we blew that one. The NY office should have the stones to have overruled regardless of the rules. (Oy! Like they did in the review calls farther down in this post).

Overall both games had inconsistencies that make you shake your head in how differently it can be called within the same game. In the comments from the Ram defender mentioned the official thought the ball was tipped. That is the cruelest answer. That person had no business looking into the pocket for a tip? His only responsibility is the contact and catch. You make the call and the referee will overrule if there was a tip.

The even more offensive officiating mind set is not making a call at the end of a game to decide the game. However, not making the call does decide the game.

Prediction is this one play will lead to the ability of replay officials to overrule obvious judgment calls such as that one. Of course then there were issues with the replays in the Patriots-Chiefs game also. The worst was overruling the muffed punt call without clear video evidence.

Having officiated varsity HS basketball for a long-time in my past, big games also can impact an official and they are all human. A little different environment calling a blowout regular season game of non-rivals, then a rivalry game of top 10 state level schools filling a college arena. Then take that up to tournament games when only the best crews are selected adds even more pressure. (Although I personally preferred the big games with large crowds that you only heard boos and cheers. Those were the games we lived to call.) Self doubt is the worst enemy of an official. One close call you wonder about can lead to further issues and missed calls. In this NFL weekend these should have been two of the three best crews in the entire league. The best being reserved for the Super Bowl.

Sorry Saints. Go Rams beat those cheatin' Patriots!