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I noticed. I have a postal to mail out right now and I feel weird about mailing it because of the bombs. :(
Unless you're mailing it to a politician don't worry about it.
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Board: Postals
Secret Stamp Santa is back for its 7th year! While this is not a traditional postal, you will be mailing a stamp and receiving one back in the mail, so that's why I'm posting it here. All info is on the tracker, but questions are welcome. We already...
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Board: Postals
The Cross'Family is Ready,and Participating!🤣
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Board: Postals
Hey, everyone! There is still time to sign up before the matchups are made on November 15. Please join us for holiday fun!
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Board: Postals
Would love to plant some. We relocated and there are a depressing lack of stamps out here.
by those two mesdamesProfileContactLogbookNote
Board: Postals
Would love to join you on any postal you pick up or if you want to co-found one
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Board: Postals
Dead Pool 2019 is gearing up & has openings! If interested please contact me on aq mail @ jwalkers. Dead Pool 2019
Here comes a long over due mystery postal. Hopefully this will keep you sane among all the Christmas music and movies. For those who are new to mystery postal world and for those who need a refresher the rules follow. To get this postal you will hav...
I'm feeling lucky!
We are off to a running start with several nicely twisted guesses on clue one. A couple intrigue me and one hit my funny bone. I failed to mention that this is Mystery Postal #417. However, it is listed as such on the tracker. As the newbies will l...
mm..maybe not so lucky
To allow those not interested to ignore the thread, I will keep all the clues related to the first post. Clue 2 - Red Raider
Glad to see you back! Was beginning to wonder....
Yeah work was rather hectic this fall.
Amazingly there has now been one correct answer!!! Clue 3: NASA
Well, it obviously wasn't me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Two correct answers already. Clue 4 = September 6, 1980
Make that 3 correct and that was an obscure clue 8nless you were already on the correct track. Shifting gears slightly with clue 5. Remember ALL the clues must fit. Clue 5 :The Golden Circle
The guesses really fell off with the last clue. I'm sorry these clues have been so challenging. It amazes me how creative and resourceful y'all can get. Don't quit now no matter how hopeless it seems. Follow me to the end of the clue thread. Clue...
Clue 7 Logan Lucky.
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Board: Postals
Mystery 417 is now closed. The answer and explanation of clues will soon follow. Look for another one after Christmas. Thanks to all who made attempts to solve.
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Board: Postals
Looking forward to seeing the answer! I couldn't get it
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Board: Postals
Dead Pool 2019 still has 2 more spaces left. The last day to sign up is December 15th. List of names is due by midnight Dec 31. Mailout is Jan 31.
The correct answer to mystery #417 is John Denver: Clue 1 Roswell - He was born in Roswell, NM. Clue 2 Red Raider - He studied architecture at Texas Tech. Their mascot is red raider. (a few went down the Santa Claus route with this one and Red Raide...
Oh, man, I should have had this one! I'm a BIG John Denver fan. But I went down the alien/UFO route and never corrected. .......Off to watch the original John Denver and the Muppets Christmas special now.......
I was trying to follow a track that included Roswell, TX, a fictional town.
I was trying to follow a track that included Roswell, TX, a fictional town. After IrishRef posted: And as Grand Flyers would tell you there is more than one Roswell in the USA. I went off in that direction too. I also found out about Roswell, Georgia,...
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Board: Postals
New Micro Postal tracker available. Perfect for those of use living in the tundra and can’t get out and box. ~ MamaFrog
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Board: Postals
So, any preferred size for the stamp? I can do the same image in ½" to 2" for a micro-postal. Also, "emoji" can be a pretty broad category. Do you mean that they have to be a face emoji?