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Read Board: State: Rhode Island

Welcome to the Letterboxing Rhode Island message board!
Board: State: Rhode Island
Oct 31, 2004 9:13pm
This message board is open for business! Enjoy!
2 new boxes in RI
Board: State: Rhode Island
Nov 2, 2004 9:23am
While boxing at the mystery gathering, Phyto planted two boxes. The towers right now is listed on atlas quest and is the only location for a clue! good luck
Re: 2 new boxes in RI
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #350 by phyto
Nov 6, 2004 3:28pm
I'm adding a rewarding "Got 'em"
Greetings from Narragansett !!
Board: State: Rhode Island
Mar 9, 2005 6:50am
Hello, it's me, WarriorWoman.

Just started using Atlas Quest and am loading my info into its database, including all my planted boxes. Right now just browsing the site.

I've been boxing all winter, despite the snow. Can't record all my finds in here, though, since the database is new and relatively incomplete, especially for RI and MA.

I'll be planting a Sprite and Highlander box on Rome Point in the near future, and the Boo Boo Box is due to make its postal debut in the next week.

This place looks like fun!

Re: Greetings from Narragansett !!
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #2781 by Warrior Woman
Mar 11, 2005 12:38pm
Welcome to AQ!!

We hope to do some major RI finding/planting this summer. Block Island, here we come!
Fear Faketor RSVP on Atlas Quest
Board: State: Rhode Island
Mar 20, 2005 12:58pm
Hello if you will be attending the Fear Faketor gathering please rsvp here on Atlas Quest in the events section.Thank You and Happy Letterboxing! Kreepy Kelli
Chica Ink Customer Appreciation Sale
Board: State: Rhode Island
Dec 13, 2005 8:59am
For those folks who are familiar with Chica Ink Store in Wickford, RI, I received the following email today. If you are offended by my posting this to the group, please flame me offline to keep the list merry and bright this season.

Thursday, December 15th!!!

Join us on Thursday, December 15th and enjoy 25% off storewide.
There are a couple of exclusions: jewelry and Ott-Lites.
Otherwise, absolutely everything will be on sale!

This is just a small token of our appreciation for your continued
patronage this past year.

We wish you health and happiness in this busy holiday season - and
continued blessings for the new year!

- Susan and the gals at Chica Ink

Here's to Happy Stamping in 2006!

Warrior Woman
Quick Providence Layover
Board: State: Rhode Island
Feb 5, 2006 3:14pm
Just a note to let you guys know that I will be flying into and out of Providence on Monday night 2/6 and Tuesday morning 2/7. So I could be available for a Personal Traveler exchange!!

(warning though, it is a kindof crappy little airplane stamp)

Flight #62 arrives PVD at 9:44pm and I fly out again on Tuesday morning flight flight 1023 at 7:10am. I'll be staying at the Comfort Inn Providence Airport. If you catch me in the lobby of the Comfort Inn as I arrive or depart in uniform (around 10:30pm or around 6 am ) you can get my Working Personal Traveler!

-Amanda from Seattle
Moonstone Baby's mother passed away
Board: State: Rhode Island
Feb 8, 2006 9:29am
I thought the folks on this list would like to know that Moonstone
Baby's mother passed away this week.

Please let me know if you want information about the calling hours
(Friday night) or funeral (Saturday) or if you want her address to send a card.

Let her be in our prayers.

Warrior Woman
Rhode To Rhode Island
Board: State: Rhode Island
Aug 17, 2006 10:40pm
Hey i'm looking for a letterboxer located in Rhode Island...They live in Providance and they work at an oncampus resturant for Johnson And Wales...i need to talk to this person because i am going to college there...if anyone has any info it would be very helpful...please mail me...

thanks a bundle

Re: Rhode To Rhode Island
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #33289 by moonlightgamer
Aug 18, 2006 6:09am
Quote Hey i'm looking for a letterboxer located in Rhode Island...They live in Providence and they work at an oncampus resturant for Johnson And Wales.

Try contacting GretchenF who is the planter of the J&W Inn letterbox located in Seekonk MA

Nature Posse
Cape Code Escape
Board: State: Rhode Island
Sep 18, 2006 6:44pm
Hello Rhode Island,
Just wondering who from RI is attending the gathering. Since I do not know anybody, it would be nice to try and find someone from RI. Looking forward to meeting all of you and putting a face to the names I see in the lob books.
Rumford Teapot
Colonial Industry Series Planted!
Board: State: Rhode Island
Jan 26, 2007 6:00am
I know that I really procrastinated on this series, but I finally planted the 4 box Colonial Industry series "in the wild".

For those of you who attended last November's Mystery Gathering in RI, these were my "hidden in plain sight" boxes.

For those of you who did not attend, now you can go and search for them!

Have fun!

Warrior Woman
box suggestions
Board: State: Rhode Island
Jan 27, 2007 11:30pm
Hi everyone. I am going to be traveling to the Providence area for one day, and am looking for suggestions of boxes I should hunt. For this trip, I'm interested in drive-by, urban, and other easy-access boxes. I won't have a lot of time and won't be able to change into hiking gear. So if you know of any boxes that meet those criteria and that you'd recommend, please either post them here or AQ-mail me.

I am traveling from Boston, so if you know of cool boxes somewhere on the route in between, I'd be glad to hear about those, too. (I think I'll be on I-95 for most of the way.)

Thank you so much for your help!

The Dread Pirate Queen
Re: box suggestions
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #67124 by TheDreadPirateQueen
Jan 28, 2007 7:38pm
I'll shamelessly recommend two of my own boxes.

If you're going to be on 295 at all, Beautiful Rest Stop is right off 295 going North in Lincoln. I didn't put it down as a drive-by but it's a really short walk, like 5 minutes there and 5 minutes back.

Ladd Observatory Box #1--the Outer Box; it's a drive-by, and is located right in Providence. I'm pretty proud of the stamp! If by some miracle you're here when the Observatory is open, you can go for the inner box as well. It's definitely there but no-one's found it yet because the observatory is only open Tuesday nights from 7-9, and only if it's clear that night.

Enjoy your time in the Ocean State!
Re: box suggestions
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #67302 by July
Jan 28, 2007 8:39pm
Thank you, July. I've printed the Observatory clues already. I'll only be there tomorrow, so I won't be able to hunt the inside box, but I can try for the other one.

I'm not sure whether I'll be able to go to Lincoln, but I'll print those clues just in case. Thanks for letting me know that it is a quick walk.

I appreciate the help!

The Dread Pirate Queen
Re: box suggestions
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #67124 by TheDreadPirateQueen
Jan 29, 2007 6:54pm
Hi Dread Pirate Queen, There is a series in Roger Williams Park Zoo titled One more Book Please. I think it is a series of 12 but some are missing. I actually haven't found these yet they are on my "to do" list. It is just a few exits down from Providence off on I-95. Most of the boxes I have found in RI are in the southern area. It is not actally in the zoo so you don't have to pay to get in.
Sushi Series-RI Cross Post
Board: State: Rhode Island
Mar 30, 2007 2:45pm
I've changed the route on the clues for the Sushi Series in Lincoln RI so if you are planning on doing the series please print out the updated clues

Happy Trails!

Nature Posse
Coming your way.....
Board: State: Rhode Island
Apr 18, 2007 6:00pm
We are heading down to Foxwoods in the morning, and was wondering if there are any drive bys on the way down.

Can anyone give us some suggestions?? We will be taking I-95 down through MASS, and RI into CT.

Would love to try to get some on the way.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Susan and Ray
Re: Coming your way.....
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #86560 by Happy Daze
Apr 26, 2007 10:49pm
Have you tried doing a AQ search for Route 95? It will give you the list of boxes within a set number of miles of the interstate selected. This is a very good option for road trips.
the von der Insels
need hitchhikers!
Board: State: Rhode Island
Jun 26, 2007 8:35pm
I'm leaving for California tomorrow! Been keeping an eye out for hitchhikers lately but no luck... so I tried a local hitchhiker hostel today but couldn't find it! Then I tried three more likely boxes--no hitchhikers. If anyone happens to be reading this tonight and happens to have a hitchhiker they'd like to see travel, and happens to live in or near Providence...if you drop it off before 9:30 am tomorrow (June 27) at the Ladd Observatory Letterbox (outer box) I'll take it west. The box is easy to find at night.

I figured this was worth a shot!


p.s. if this is totally uncool hitchhiker etiquette, let me know--I'm still sort of new--
Triple Crown of Fright
Board: State: Rhode Island
Oct 13, 2007 6:43pm
Hi everyone!

Soooo just went I felt I had thought of a great way for others to enjoy the Halloween crazinessof letterboxing.. an innovative idea emerged from the FN3 organizers crew at our meeting this last week...

Since a number of folks are coming for most of the weekend and
included in that group are some mystery folks....

AND there are some folks who cant attend the MAINE EVENT of Fright on

We decided "Lets Turn it UP a notch!"

So at the behest of the Frightnight crew You will now see that the Triple Crown of Fright is listed currently!

That means
2 unique mini events are now wrapped around the Main event
Frightnight 3....SO we now have a Frightnight Weekend.........

Sooooo the question is


Any questions please email me directly on yahoo or AQ......

We appreciate everyone's contribution to this year's extravaganza and past Frightnight events! This is our way to insure maximum enjoyment for all!

New Yahoo Group forming
Board: State: Rhode Island
Nov 9, 2007 5:15pm
There seems to be a great deal of enthusiasm to attend the Live and Breathe Event next Fall in Oregon hosted by Der Mad Stamper and others....

To kinda facilitate interest on the East Coast I took the initative to form a yahoo group.....

It would be fun if a bunch of us could coordinate travel etc to visit this event....

the link is open to everyone and I hope some of you will join :)

Two new series in RI
Board: State: Rhode Island
Nov 17, 2007 5:41pm
Two new series have been planted at Goddard State Park in Warwick.

I post dated the clues so they did not show up on the new plants list.

Happy Trails RI Boxers!

Nature Posse
Exchanges and lunch.
Board: State: Rhode Island
Nov 25, 2007 4:27pm
I'm planning a small lunch & exchange so that some of us local RI boxers can get to know each other. I will not be listing this as an event on the event page. This would take place somewhere around Providence or possibly Seekonk. The tentative date is Dec. 9th in the afternoon. Please contact me if you would be interested in coming.

Happy trails!

Nature Posse
Presidential blog notes added
Board: State: Rhode Island
Feb 21, 2008 10:53am
follow this link

Comments welcome!
Re: Presidential blog notes added
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #189054 by MaineKokopellian
Feb 21, 2008 11:05am
Is all this crap really necessary???
Re: Presidential blog notes added
Board: State: Rhode Island
Reply to: #189058 by BrewHiker
Feb 21, 2008 12:57pm
relax all it all in good fun...:)
Happy Cake Day.........
Board: State: Rhode Island
Mar 12, 2008 1:47pm
..... to Team Safari!!!!
Time to Celebrate - go find a letterbox!!! :o)

The Merry Pranksters
Any gatherings coming up?
Board: State: Rhode Island
Apr 8, 2008 8:29am
I used to letterbox, but someone purposefully destroyed my stamp and log book (I wish I could give out their address, haha)
My PPF back then was P3F42?X35, trail name SLR

I've started over with a team mate as Team Thorn...

Any gatherings going on in RI soon? I'd like to get back into the swing of things.