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Re: WavesandWaterfalls' BOTM
Board: State: Oregon
Reply to: #969101 by Maiden
Dec 6, 2018 6:28am
I was happy to. I was able to do the November one for her, and would have done December if she'd needed. Fortunately she's on the mend, and didn't need it. I'm sure that, had the situation been reversed, she would have done the same for me. It's the great thing about pretty much all the letterboxers I've met, that sense of community.
Help needed to identify stamps
Board: State: Oregon
Mar 19, 2019 6:30am
Hi everyone! I am an Illinois boxer who traveled to Oregon in August, and apparently forgot to record a handful of boxes I found. Not only did I not record them, but I didn't write down the location or name of the boxes in my log book either. I was wondering if any Oregon boxers could perhaps help me identify them so I can record them. My thought is that they were found in either Newport, Corvallis, or Eugene. If anyone is willing to help, I can privately share those images via message! Thanks so much!