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Welcome to the Letterboxing South Africa message board!
Board: Country: South Africa
Oct 31, 2004 9:13pm
This message board is open for business! Enjoy!
New Letterboxer
Board: Country: South Africa
Nov 30, 2004 7:00am
I'm new to this game!
Any other South Africans out there doing the same thing? Come on lets get this going
Re: New Letterboxer
Board: Country: South Africa
Reply to: #1155 by System
Dec 7, 2004 7:22pm
Wow! Are you really from South Africa? So far as I know, that would make you South Africa's first letterboxer! (As opposed to just tourists passing through the country.)

I fear it'll be very lonely for you at the time, though hopefully it'll catch on and lots of South Africans will start planting more boxes.

I'd really like to go back out to Cape Town. I just flew by, but WOW! That area was AMAZING to see from the plane! I had no idea it was so beautiful out there! I'll definitely be making it back someday, though it might be awhile. =)

Happy trails! Say hi to the lions and zebras for me!

-- Ryan
Postal Letterboxing
Board: Country: South Africa
Aug 2, 2005 9:03am
Hello Vansubsea,

Looking for others internationally that would be interested in receiving a Postal letterbox in the mail.
I have sent you a personal mail and when you go over it please get back to me on this subject.

Welcome to the world of Letterboxing. It's great.

The Bun Traveler * aka Laughing Lagomorph
Board: Country: South Africa
Jun 5, 2007 7:28pm
I'm trying to reach Piglet who has hidden some boxes in SA? I'm interested in started a postal ring via South Africa since I used to live there.

Anybody interested?

Roots and Shoots Redmond (USA)
Re: Piglet?
Board: Country: South Africa
Reply to: #97466 by Roots and Shoots Redmond
Aug 15, 2007 1:21pm
We too would like to find Piglet to inform about searching for boxes in South Africa. We searched for the 3 boxes Piglet planted during our trip to South Africa in February 2007. We only found one (Addo Elephant Park) - and we were the first finders even though the box had been planted Nov 2004. The other two were just not to be found...

Table Mountain: the clues (info signs) were missing as they were being re-done (we asked);

Plettenberg Bay involved a very strenuous hike but the rocks where the box had been hidden were removed and the area swept clean.