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Another variation of play...
Board: Rules and Variants
Jan 10, 2015 11:03pm
The first time I played I didn't realize I was supposed to keep all of the same Outing cards together in piles and shuffled and dealt into piles. The same number of cards were in each pile and it played just fine.

When I last played, we really enjoyed the eevil cards. It's not easy building up to the cost to buy some of them and we really wanted to see more. With the same card at the top (and there is a reason for this since it doesn't have an eevil attack), it takes longer to see something new. So at some point, I want to try how the game would play if the eevil cards were NOT in their own stack but shuffled in with the Outing cards. They could NOT be on the top of the stack to start so they would have to be reshuffled if they came to the top. But this would mean you would NOT know when you were going to reveal an eevil card! It could also mean that multiple eevil cards could show up and be available for purchase.

The game is fine as is. I just have a thing for messing with the "rules". ;)