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Re: Hosting LTC Trackers
Board: LTC Collective
Reply to: #977743 by condo
Jul 26, 2019 3:53pm
I have 16+ plastic containers I got cheap. I set containers out on a large table and put one mailer in each container. As I sort I can just toss a card into each container. . I use to just make stacks but the cat likes to help.

When I open a mailer, all the plastic and stamps etc. stays in that container for later steps. I put a binder clip on the plastic container of the mailer I am sorting (in case there are not enough cards.)

Once all sorted, I then go to each container and quickly count the cards then organize them back into the mailer...Remove/add labels, weigh, add stamps, and seal.

This works for me. At least until my cat decides to help. I'll snap some picts next time I'm sorting. Meanwhile, as the mailers are arriving, I place them in labeled boxes in my closet, i.e. Autumn, Winter, Spring.

As the due date nears, I check the upcoming tracker box against the tracker list of people and notify participants if needed.

An idea I thought was cool was using a grocery bag on hangers in a closet. Label each bag and just put the mailers in the appropriate bag when it arrives.

I would recommend hosting one tracker at a time until your system is ironed out.

Now if you really want to get crazy, consider having a tracker in which there is also a swap happening, i.e. Autumn Craft & Swap. That organizational system has been fine-tuned as well...more containers!
Native American LTC tracker just opened
Board: LTC Collective
Oct 10, 2019 5:51am