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Re: Finding box versus stamp?
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Reply to: #969379 by Wise Wanderer
Dec 14, 2018 8:23am
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After hiking a long ways, and looking hard for a particular box, I found it with nothing inside but the logbook and a little plastic cow (wrapped in the inky felt that once protected a stamp). I was unwilling to leave without the find, so I inked that cow up, and stamped it in my logbook. And yes, I recorded the find.

Earned your trail name that day!

(Don't ask about ours)
Re: Replace, two-in-one, or new box?
Board: Traditional Letterboxes
Reply to: #969751 by Oberon_Kenobi
Dec 29, 2018 6:20pm
Thread Board
I understand how it happened, but a logbook every .1 mile on average by the same planter? You're ears would be ringing . . . . .
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Jan 11, 2019 6:31am
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Re: Quack like a Goose
Board: Mysterious Capers and Sneaky Stuff
Reply to: #969275 by Sir Braemoor
Jan 19, 2019 11:44am
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Has anyone been mixing up batches of sangria? I had a strange dream . . . . .
Re: Wassa in Westford... (x-post)
Board: State: Massachusetts
Reply to: #970519 by wassamatta u
Jan 22, 2019 10:52am
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Wassa in Westford

Thanks for the warning!

But I suppose if you can come from CA, I can drag my a$$ over from the next town.

In addition to the other good meeting suggestions already mentioned, here are a few other options:

There is a lunch buffet (11:30-2:30) on Saturdays at Bamboo Asian cuisine in Westford that includes dim sum, sushi & dessert I believe.

Panera Bread - Westford

Evviva Tratttoria - Pizza and up
Re: Grateful Camping 2019!!
Board: The Grateful Letterboxers!
Reply to: #970657 by Echo
Jan 25, 2019 11:16am
Thread Board
Hey there!

Remind me('cause I'm a dingus) a few days before the event and I'll have a couple of chairs ready for you.

I believe the group site has been booked for Friday & Saturday. Check with zess the treehuggers about the details of how that allows day visitors to the state forest to stay past hours for those nights.

See you in July!
Re: LL Bean Night Owl 's Final Flight Event
Board: State: Maine
Reply to: #970713 by Daytrippers 54
Jan 27, 2019 5:35pm
Thread Board
Team MudCup!

Being my first Bean event, I did not know what to expect. Well I had a blast and everyone one I met, both friends & new friends, had a blast as well! Lots of fun & smiley faces! Now I only wish I'd made it up there before!!
It was also a pleasure to finally meet you guys after all those close calls over the years!

CooLL Beans to both of you!!

Re: What did we miss ABCs?
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #971039 by RDHG
Feb 5, 2019 4:50pm
Thread Board
Jumping Jehoshaphat! Just Jocular jinking jaunts in January, June & July to jackpots of jazzy joy!
Re: Does anyone clean stamps anymore?!?!?
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #971942 by MissMoon
Feb 22, 2019 9:16am
Thread Board
As far as I'm concerned the only time anyone is "required" to clean a stamp.....and clean it thoroughly...... is when they feel the strange need to use metallic ink.

I want to once again thank the poor boxer for cleaning out the gold metallic ink we slobbered into every nook & cranny of Lundy and Vickster's brilliantly carved and Purple Diamond earning Lynn, Lynn the City of . . . series. We were new . . . and first finders no less :(

Lundy and Vickster are a class act who never flamed a family of newbies (our sig stamp was still carved out of wood back then!! )
Re: is it time?
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #972019 by Una Marlee Sue
Feb 24, 2019 7:51am
Thread Board
DO NOT force you thoughts and opinions on others.

Is that your opinion or your thoughts? Either way you post does come off as forceful & opinionated. Unless you meant for it to be ironic.

The boards would be empty if no one posted their thoughts or opinions. The original poster ended their post with:

I do agree that there are fantastic works of art created by those who like LTCs but in my opinion, they are not the same as letterboxing.

That sincere opinion gave rise to thoughtful responses, most meaning to show the value they feel LTC's (which I do not participate in) contribute to letterboxing. Opinions can be challenged and changed with thoughtful discourse. It's very healthy to challenge your own opinions from time to time, lest we become stale & stilted. And you most likely will not change anyone's opinion when you tell someone they do not have the right to hold it in the first place.

Unless of I could be way off here if you were just championing thoughtless posts . . .
Re: is it time?
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #972121 by Quarry
Feb 26, 2019 11:10am
Thread Board
I agree with you right here, if I was returning snark with snark, I should have changed from an alias to my trail name (dingus dufus) to stand by my comments. That was not a fair thing for me to do.
Re: premium membership
Board: State: Massachusetts
Reply to: #973224 by Midge
Mar 24, 2019 10:02am
Thread Board
10ยข a day!
Re: From Mass
Board: State: Massachusetts
Reply to: #973382 by Midge
Mar 26, 2019 12:34pm
Thread Board
Chelmsford! (we get out to the Worcester area quite often!!
Re: The purpose of a logbook
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #973362 by MissMoon
Mar 26, 2019 12:51pm
Thread Board
I don't think it's not a real letterbox if there's no logbook but I would hate to see them disappear from the hobby just because we can log online.

Triple negatives make me dizzy!

Re: Tick season...
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #973602 by fleetwood7
Apr 1, 2019 11:09am
Thread Board
according to grumpy grinch, and I concur, the best remedy is to have your honey do a tick check when you get home

Now that makes more sense! I was having my tick do a honey check when I got home!
Re: Re:
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #973814 by Maude
Apr 5, 2019 9:26am
Thread Board
It seems that another item would confirm that it's OK to take things from the box, including the stamp. Then the box is dead.

Yes! We don't want to further confuse the apparently easily confuzzled folks from the other scavenger hunt sport.
Re: Leaving boxes uncovered
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #973863 by Sirius Star Gazer
Apr 7, 2019 7:23am
Thread Board
I've always found that folks that make the effort to solve a box with a mystery clue also always make the effort to be stealthy while searching & they rehide it well after.
Re: Leaving boxes uncovered
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #973878 by PiggyJaunt
Apr 7, 2019 8:34am
Thread Board
I'd still say shoot a letter to the last finder, but at least be polite about it.

Extra polite since lots of people don't log their finds and you might insult a boxer who hid everything correctly, logged the finds and then a "non logger" came by afterwards and didn't properly rehide the boxes.
Re: It's True!
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #974214 by Public Hand
Apr 15, 2019 11:56pm
Thread Board
the man who started it in England is now in his 90s and in a pensioner's home

He might be more like 190 years old. I think letterboxing began in 1854.
Re: It's True!
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #974238 by Public Hand
Apr 16, 2019 2:33pm
Thread Board
Sorry, missed your reference in the previous posts.
Re: It's True!
Board: Dead Horses, Lemurs, and Kittens!
Reply to: #974385 by MissMoon
Apr 20, 2019 3:16pm
Thread Board
Does that mean that if you plant a 15 box series you're going to put a logbook in all 15 boxes??

It was suggested that boxes without logbooks be identified with an icon for the purists to avoid. Conversly, should series with a logbook in every box be identified so that the sane can avoid them?
Re: Clean up & retire missing boxes!
Board: Chatter
Reply to: #974507 by Wry Me
Apr 24, 2019 9:58am
Thread Board
I've also found at least one box that had not been found in a decade, had been retired, updated in the clues as "missing" and was still there.

Those are the best boxes!!!!

Besides it's a hunt, not a trip to the grocery store. How boring would it be to find every box you go looking for.

As Ryan posted, use the filters available to weed out any box that might not be there and check both sites to avoid disappointment. I do agree it's a good idea to be consistent & will double-check my listings though to make sure I have em retired or unavailable if they are so.
Re: Clean up & retire missing boxes!
Board: Chatter
Reply to: #974523 by Trailhead Tessie
Apr 24, 2019 11:39pm
Thread Board
I maintain the boxes I find, not the ones I plant.

Best answer to this issue ever!
Re: Clean up & retire missing boxes!
Board: Chatter
Reply to: #974565 by Early Risers
Apr 25, 2019 11:32am
Thread Board
when we retire a box

I remove it from the website(s)

In the past at least, and you've been around longer & might have a better answer, but I understood that if you remove the box entirely rather than just list it as retired, the find disappears from every letterboxer's find logbook who took the time to go look for it. Hopefully that is no longer the case on AQ.
Re: Clean up & retire missing boxes!
Board: Chatter
Reply to: #974566 by dingus dufus
Apr 25, 2019 11:39am
Thread Board
From the "Delete Box" page on AQ:

Nobody will be able to record a find on your box after the fact.
Even if you relist the letterbox, the people who have recorded finds on it will not show as finders on the new listing.
All comments others have left on your box will be permanently deleted.

So it looks like finds before deletions are still in finder's logbooks. I think this is a (good) change from the past.

So now I say hey. it's your box . . . .
Re: Clean up & retire missing boxes!
Board: Chatter
Reply to: #974560 by Grapenuts
Apr 25, 2019 11:52am
Thread Board
But then you have to trust the reliability of the person who marks your box as "missing".

I weigh the searcher's report of where they went and what they did. Then I'll mark it unavailable until I check it myself or another reliable boxer gets there first.

But I was referring to the maintenance portion (broken boxes, logbook etc) of kind boxers.
Re: Plant Date for Reserved Boxes
Board: Suggestion Box
Reply to: #975314 by Green Tortuga
May 19, 2019 9:20pm
Thread Board
Any "creation date" (I know what you are referring to, just sounds like a newish term) that falls outside the PAL "window" precludes a box from PAL consideration? I'm not a PAL fan, just would like a clarification since I'm not seeing an issue reserving an idea to work on over a period of time in hopes of creating a quality product and then executing the actual box during the PAL parameters. I can't imagine the conception to fruition for a legitimate PAL box has to be within that short time frame.

-confused in Chelmsford

PS How about a PyFB (plant you finest box) day once a year.

PPS If this line of questioning is silly, please refer to our trail name.
Reserve Box Date
Board: Letterboxing Help Desk
May 28, 2019 10:36am
Thread Board
Has the Reserve Box date "adjustment" been removed? I've used it in the past to move some of my 297 reserved ideas up that are currently being worked on.
Re: Need help IDing stamp that was in the wrong box
Board: Letterbox Chatter
Reply to: #975952 by Rocklun
Jun 6, 2019 11:20am
Thread Board
I tried a few different spellings of Hercules (Heracles, Herakles) using the "record a find" (best way to hunt down boxes)

and an unlisted series Labors Of Herakles popped up including:
Labors Of Herakles: Nemean Lion. That stamp smells of older LbNA stuff but so far no hits there. Plenty of ALT sites back in the day to check as well.
Re: Do you remember when...?
Board: State: North Carolina
Reply to: #977288 by The Wolf Family
Jul 15, 2019 6:06am
Thread Board
if someone wants to learn stamp carving there, I will have that skill to share as well.

Think you can you teach anyone to carve?