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Msg: 356767
Chedva Subject: Re: Bottom-of-Page Menu Bar
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Author: ChedvaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 12:03 AM
Reply to: Msg 356760 by Okie Dog
How about "Drop Downs" and "Pop Ups"
Msg: 356770
Subject: Re: OMG
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: The HornsbeesProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 3:14 AM
Reply to: Msg 356722 by TalleyValleyFarmClan
Msg: 356774
theseekers1108 Subject: Re: good Sunday Morning
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: theseekers1108ProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 4:37 AM
Reply to: Msg 356759 by shiloh
Sneaky, Shiloh..... VERY sneaky........

Good Morning Everyone !

Yucky, gloomy, dark and nasty..... but enough about Shiloh's personality........

What a terrible day outside ! Our driveway looks like one big MUD HOLE !!! and it's STILL raining !!!

So this morning, I'm up and have dinner started in the crock pot.... coffee brewing.... and I guess I better go work on LTCs !! That was yesterday's plan, but it didn't happen.

Charlie carved me a beautiful Unicorn stamp !!! I am so spoiled !!

Dina B. Seeker
Msg: 356784
Board: State: Ohio
Author: Safari ManProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 5:12 AM
Reply to: Msg 356723 by Crazy Bumps
Sounds like your third find had already been a 4 legged critter. Thank goodness for baggies......and apparently they were actually sealed up. Yea for finder before the critter.
Msg: 356791
Gargoyle Girl Subject: Still have openings ;)
Board: LTC: Trades and Trackers
Author: Gargoyle GirlProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 5:58 AM
There are still some openings in the PeeWee's Playhouse tracker. Cards are due one month from now.

Gargoyle Girl
Msg: 356792
3 Blind Mice Subject: Re: Stamping on vellum
Board: LTC: Tips, Questions, and Stuff
Author: 3 Blind MiceProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:01 AM
Reply to: Msg 356768 by Esmerelda

Just so everyone knows.....the SPEARS are for the cats and occasional hawks.....but the SMEARING is in reference to our ink on vellum.....although the spears could be used to help hold the vellum in place....hmmmmmmm.

::going to collect spears from the yard::

3 Blind Mice
Msg: 356795
Box Hunters Subject: Re: It's a . . .
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: Box HuntersProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:23 AM
Reply to: Msg 356734 by ervetchick
Congratulations!!!!!! How exciting! Keep us informed. Before we know it, you will have a new letterboxer arriving!

Box Hunters
Msg: 356798
J Walkers Subject: birthday wishes
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: J WalkersProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:30 AM
Happy birthday to A of JJJAKER. We hope you have a great day!

Flour Girl
Msg: 356802
theseekers1108 Subject: Re: birthday wishes
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: theseekers1108ProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:32 AM
Reply to: Msg 356798 by J Walkers
Atlas Quest: International Letterboxing

From your friends up across the line,
Msg: 356804
carolina wine trail Subject: Re: good Sunday Morning
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: carolina wine trailProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:38 AM
Reply to: Msg 356774 by theseekers1108
Good Morning, Everyone!

It's dark and messy here as well, has rained all night, and now turned to a slushy mix settling on the rails of the deck. Supposed to turn to snow later this afternoon, and are expecting 3 to 7 inches. Guess we're going to venture out to Walmart for a few necessities... then spend the rest of the day carving.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
Carolina Wine Trail
Msg: 356805
Woody clowns Subject: Re: birthday wishes
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: Woody clownsProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:41 AM
Reply to: Msg 356798 by J Walkers
Happy birthday ANG! Hope you have a great day!

Msg: 356806
TalleyValleyFarmClan Subject: Re: birthday wishes
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: TalleyValleyFarmClanProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:44 AM
Reply to: Msg 356798 by J Walkers
Well this was my 2nd stop to say Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday A !!!!!! Have a great day Ang !

Msg: 356809
Cyclonic Subject: Re: Paul Harvey...
Board: Region: Midwest
Author: CyclonicProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:53 AM
Reply to: Msg 356727 by The hicks from the sticks
Paul Harvey will be very missed. I am an avid radio listener and love Paul Harvey's commentary.

ABC Radio Networks has some kind words about him on their website:
Msg: 356812
Bobguyman Subject: Happy Cake Day to....
Board: Happy Cake Day!
Author: BobguymanProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 6:57 AM
....Gallant Rogue, jacks, BarenakedChefs, and Green Eagle! =D

Msg: 356815
Subject: Re: Happy Cake Day to....
Board: Happy Cake Day!
Author: Goofy girlProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:07 AM
Reply to: Msg 356812 by Bobguyman
wow lots of cake today... ***throws confetti, releases balloons, rolls out the multi tiered cake and ice cream***
Msg: 356816
Subject: Re: good Sunday Morning
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: Goofy girlProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:10 AM
Reply to: Msg 356759 by shiloh
GOOOOOD Sunday Morning all!!!

*waving to neighbor* Shiloh Hello
Hello Sheba *waving long distance*

Hi Seekers *HUGS*
Hey Carolina Wine Trail *throws confetti*

Goofy girl
*off to church*
Msg: 356818
Cancan Subject: Re: Paul Harvey...
Board: Region: Midwest
Author: CancanProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:13 AM
Reply to: Msg 356809 by Cyclonic
Our family loves Paul Harvey...when our kids where younger we would read his stories out loud from one of his books and then try to guess who "....and that's the rest of the story'" was about. He was an awesome storyteller and a great historian.
Msg: 356821
Kirbert Subject: Re: Duck Tape Pouches
Board: Stupider Questions About Letterboxing
Author: KirbertProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:16 AM
Reply to: Msg 356747 by OBJuan
I suggest that when you plant a box covered with camo tape you consider if it looks like an explosive device and if, by its location, it is likely that law-enforcement will think it is one. I believe a camo taped box should not generally be planted in urban settings.

A paper bag and a briefcase also look like explosive devices, as well as pretty much any other type of container that appears to be hidden in an urban setting. Camo tape makes zero difference in this regard. If you want to keep law enforcement from getting excited, you should do either of two things: 1) use a transparent container so people can see what's inside without touching it, or 2) write the name of the letterbox, the word "letterbox", and "" prominently on the outside so people can look it up on this site without touching it.
Msg: 356822
terrio Subject: Crock pot stuff
Board: Food For Thought
Author: terrioProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:17 AM
I subscribe to an email list called A Year of Crockpotting or something like that. You get an email every day about making stuff in the CP. Most of the recipes have been pretty good so far. I am sure you could find it on line--I am not good at making those links!
I also have sevral CP books that have great recipes in them. The kind that dont scream "I made this in the crock pot!" at you. My current fave is: Dinner a Day Slow Cooker 365 Appetizing and Affordable Meals Your Family Will Love. (Margaret Kaeter) The person that was talking abut Pork Carnitas reminded me about that book.
I was walking down a street in a nearby town and there the book was in the window! I swear it yelled Here I am!" As I walked past--had to buy it! Terrio--whos Granny always said...."the book is worth it if you find ONE great recipe in it." OK--this must be why I have over 500 in my collection!
Msg: 356823
Silva Foot Family Subject: Sunny
Board: Friendz of Webkinz
Author: Silva Foot FamilyProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:18 AM
It is sunny outside and all of the snow has melted! Now if that could only happen here. We are expecting over a foot of anow here today. =(

Msg: 356825
Subject: Re: Exercise, a blond moment, 6 letterboxes and a bruised knee!
Board: State: Ohio
Author: Mama Huntin DogProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:20 AM
Reply to: Msg 356669 by becohio
Bec! Did you go up to Wonder Bread by yourself?! Manly Man was listening as I was reading your post and asked that very question! He said that's how they find bodies in the spring!

From Dance with Wolves:
"Somebody back east is waiting on them to write"

(I'm sure that's not the exact words, but that's the general idea as Kevin Costner and Eldon (Murphy Brown's painter turned cowboy) come across a family that had been scalped by the Indians)

He then told me not to say that, but I am! are brave! That is one wicked hike! Not to mention by yourself! I say again...take this hike in the late afternoon in the summer and smell Tecumseh's fried chicken on the way down!

(Manly Man says he's not going to talk to me again...rats!)
Msg: 356830
Subject: New pics
Board: State: Georgia
Author: drgdlgProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:27 AM
Here's a link to new pictures of Raileigh--- some are while we've been out boxing.

Msg: 356832
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: Mama Huntin DogProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:30 AM
Reply to: Msg 356572 by theseekers1108
hanging head in shame.......

No, no! No shame! That's all part of the game! Still pondering...

Looks like y'all are gonna get the "White Death" coming your way...did you go buy up all the milk and bread yet?

Stay inside and warm and safe, to church
Msg: 356833
Subject: Re: It's a . . .Granny replies
Board: State: South Carolina
Author: zoemommaProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:31 AM
Reply to: Msg 356734 by ervetchick
The expectant momma isn't entirely truthful here....
She has had the morning sickness although not too terribly bad. She has been very tired too. Then she got that head and chest crud too. So, while she has been doing pretty well, she had had her rough spots.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailin'.........and I want a girl....and I think the ultrasound pictures are wrong!!!!!! (LOL????) This is where I get to have all the fun and spoil the kid and then send 'em home, right?

Msg: 356835
Ponder Subject: Re: good Sunday Morning
Board: State: North Carolina
Author: PonderProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:43 AM
Reply to: Msg 356804 by carolina wine trail
Oh Wow are BRAVE!
WalMart in NC when snow is in the forecast...........Hope you don't need bread and milk!!!
Have a good, rainy, snowy day!
Msg: 356836
Casa del Sol Subject: Re: Mystery of the Sea
Board: State: Virginia
Author: Casa del SolProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 7:52 AM
Reply to: Msg 356601 by Raven
I have it and it is neat! Passing it on to a particular boxer soon (not sure I can say who- it is a mystery, right???)
Msg: 356839
mudflinginfools Subject: Another storm....
Board: Postals
Author: mudflinginfoolsProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 8:07 AM
Looks like we will get dumped on again - who knows if those power lines that were repaired 4 days ago will hold. Spring storms mean heavy wet snow storms.... the power lines don't have a chance.

So - if you can't get ahold of me - you'll know why... just follow the trackers and I'll play catch up when the power comes back.

Msg: 356840
Subject: EVENTS?????
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Author: JmanProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 8:15 AM
So here's the deal I haven't been on AQ in a couple of weeks and when I signed on everything was updated and I was going to sign up for event this coming summer and I couldn't find the events so people out there who know where the events are PLEASE HELP!!!!
Msg: 356841
terrio Subject: Re: OPEN SINGLE: Melodious Mix, Time in 3 Acts
Board: Postals
Author: terrioProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 8:18 AM
Reply to: Msg 356254 by MoWizLiz
If you have not seen this YOU MUST! It is really neat...and I liked the music too! Terrio
Msg: 356843
theseekers1108 Subject: Re: EVENTS?????
Board: Atlas Quest Announcements
Author: theseekers1108ProfileContactLogbookNote
Date: Mar 1, 2009 8:19 AM
Reply to: Msg 356840 by Jman
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